Qaida Noorania Online or Noorani Qaida Online is a basic course for all who want to learn to read Quran from the very beginning. This short course has all the important lessons for the correct recitation.

This course is designed to suit anyone from beginner to expert to improve Quran Recitation. so, our tutors will take you in the course step by step to reach our goal to be fluent in reading the holy Quran. 

Quran for kids course provides a great, exciting atmosphere to learn Quran for kids. kids will be able to recite the Quran correctly and precisely with Tajweed and also memorize it by heart.

Online Quran for Females

In Rattil Quran academy, we are keen to include specialized female teachers who are dedicated to teaching the Holy Quran with tajweed, recitation, and all our academic courses.

Learning tajweed gives you the opportunity to be able to understand the Arabic language correctly and sound pronunciation while reading the words of the Qur’an perfectly.

Arabic Online

Learning the Arabic language, “the language of the Noble Qur’an,” is a key factor in learning and memorizing the Qur’an online easily. Learn everything related to Islam.


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