Refund Policy

Rattil Qur'an Academy, we guarantee that you will be fully or partially refunded According to the refund policy.

Rattil Qur’an Academy, we guarantee that you will be fully or partially refunded according to the following refund policy:-

  • a 5 hours notice must be sent. In case of student want to postpone the lesson until it can be rescheduled without additional fees.
  • If you are not able to start the study on time after paying the monthly subscription, the amount paid will be fully refunded, but with the start of the study and confirmation of the dates, you will not be able to recover.
  • In cases where the advance payment is for more than a month, however, the student took lessons for one month only. If the student did not want to complete the lessons with us in Rattil Qur’an Academy, he is entitled to a full refund for the remaining paid period.
  • If the teacher apologizes for a lesson or for technical reasons, the scheduled lesson is canceled, the student is entitled to a compensatory lesson without refund.

Schedule your classes in Ramadan:

It is preferable that you continue to study the Arabic language and the Qur’an during the holy month of Ramadan. With the Quran Academy, we will take into account the times of fasting, Suhoor, and Taraweeh prayers, and we will avoid conducting your classes at your fasting and Taraweeh prayers times.

Just a tip, if you stop studying and learning in general in Ramadan, during feast vacation, and on your summer vacation, you may forget what you have already studied, lose your schedule, and most likely lose your teacher.

Complaints Policy:

If you encounter any problem during the study in any of our courses or you aren’t satisfied with our services, please email us directly  ( We promise you to respond quickly and solve any obstacle you face. We are also pleased to receive any suggestions. at the Rattil Qur’an Academy strive for evolution.